Welcome to Dance4Romance!

Dance4Romance is for people who want to have fun social dancing. Our goal is to help you learn to dance, so you and your partner can go out dancing and enjoy doing something fun - together. We've broken the steps down and put them in a format that's easy to follow along with, and practice at home. And all the steps are demonstrated by regular people, just like you, who love learning to dance.

I'm the instructor, and I designed this format to make learning to dance simple, by giving you lots of options to follow along and learn from for each step. You can watch me teach a couple how to do each individual step, and/or follow along as another couple demonstrates the step from four different views: with the Lead's back to the camera, with the Follow's back to the camera, or from a side view on either side. You choose.

Give it a try: click on the VIEW TOUR button below to watch Guy and Suzanne demonstrate the first few steps in Swing. Then choose the BASIC tab to follow along and learn the basic with James and Christina, or choose any of the four views to follow along while Guy and Suzanne demonstrate.

Once you see how easy it is to follow along and learn, we hope you'll join and have fun learning to dance for romance!